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LCUK- 25 x 10 Gloss White Polyester High-Tack Adhesive provides unmatched durability for your labelling applications. With a roll of 10000 labels. Measuring 25mm x 10mm, the white gloss polyester material goes above and beyond by utilising a high-tack adhesive for enduring use in the worst environments. The roll is 59mm wide and contains 2 labels across.


This is a perfect label for fixed or serialised QR and 2D codes, product identification and small symbols. This label possesses resilience against extremely low temperatures (-195°C to 150°C), extreme weathering, hazardous environments, relentless abrasion, and a range of fierce solvents.


Choose between 1-inch and 3-inch cores to suit your needs.


Best for: highly textured surfaces, curved surfaces, painted surfaces, powdered surfaces. Gritty surfaces.

LCUK- 25 x 10 Gloss White Polyester Hi-Tack Adhesive

VAT Included
Colour: White