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Introducing the CNCT- 60mm x 300m Universal Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon.


Crafted for excellence, this resin ribbon excels with PP, PE, and PET labels. From scorching heat up to 180°C to abrasion and solvent tests, it triumphs with flying colours. A faithful companion, displaying outstanding resistance to IPA, spirit, and ethanol, ensuring your labels remain impeccable.


Elevate your labelling with fantastic durability and clarity.



Unleash the power of the CNCT- 60mm x 300m Xtreme Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon, setting a new standard for excellence.


Crafted to surpass expectations, it effortlessly embraces PP, PE, and PET labels, showcasing unparalleled resilience. With an impressive tolerance for temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius, this ribbon reigns supreme in high-heat environments. Its remarkable abrasion and solvent resistance, including IPA, spirit, motor oil, petrol, and ethanol, solidify its position as an unrivaled choice.


Experience the pinnacle of durability and precision, as your labels thrive in the face of extreme conditions.

LCUK- 60mm x 300m Black Thermal Transfer Ribbon

VAT Included